Dismal Day

Dull and dismal day.
Grey clouds chased by wind and rain.
Postman brings bad news.

Back Again

two weeks
gone, no news.
Back again now seeking


family members,
day catching up,
conversing, sharing food and


It’s wonderful when family come to stay,
catching up with news and gossip all day,
but it’s wonderful too, in a different way,
how peace descends when they go away!


Waiting for news
that doesn’t come.
Around me life goes on.

The End of the World

According to yesterday’s News,
an elderly American has calculated
that the world will end today!
If so this will be my last stone
and I thank you for your company.


This morning’s news —
Ancient Britons used human skulls as drinking cups!

* * * * * * * * * *

Apparently excavations at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset have revealed a pile of skulls and evidence suggests they were used as drinking cups. No doubt they can tell which one was used by a 5ft 3ins ginger-haired man with buck teeth answering to the name of Fred, wearing goat-skin leggings and a rabbit-skin tunic. O.K, so I exaggerate, but I can’t help wondering what kind of evidence that would be. I would have thought they would make very unsatisfactory cups. Wouldn’t they leak?

Somewhat more news-worthy is the fact that apparently the Government has back-tracked on it’s plan to sell off woodland to the private sector. Hooray!!!


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