Ghostly silhouettes;
shrouded in the mist, bare trees
look otherworldly.

High Peak

August, driving
through High Peak.
Low cloud, mist, drizzle.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
On Wednesday we drove through the Peak District National Park up to Holmfirth (home of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’) to collect a roof-rack carrier for our tandem which had been made for us by a little one-man business based there. A most interesting man he is too; he developed the carrier design himself and it is probably the best on the market. Now semi-retired he is an ex-bicycle frame builder who still repairs bicycles as well as producing his tandem carriers. He also restores motorcycles to show condition for his own use. For six years during the filming of ‘The Last of the Summer Wine’ TV series he had a contract with the BBC to maintain and repair the bikes used on set.

The wonderfully hot weather we have been having deserted us and it was a much cooler day. As well as the damp misty drizzle over the High Peak we also had some heavy downpours.

We were pleased to note that The Roaches, on the edge of the National Park not far from where we live and where there had been severe moorland fires last year, seems well on the road to recovery.


Cold misty morning
soon clears. Hazy sun shines on
yellow primroses.

The Veil

Morning mist,
the veil lifts
to reveal the sun
but still the air nips.

Calling Card

Autumn’s calling card;
an early morning mist and
a nip in the air.

Power Shift

Autumn approaches veiled
with an early morning mist,
fading away dismissed
by a late summer sun.
She’ll bide her time.
Within this to and fro
the power shifts.

Blue Haze

Delicate blue haze;
Forget-me-nots bloom. Springtime
mist on a dull day.

Morning Mist

Early morning mist,
depressing damp drizzle, changing
the face of Autumn.

Morning Mist

The morning mist hangs heavy
like a pall of smoke.
The lights of passing cars
glimmer like cats eyes.

Heading South

Thin mist, like smoke,
wreaths around the tall fir-tree,
while overhead, in synchronised single file,
dark against the pale grey sky,
a line of geese heads south.

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