Down At The Boat

An Elfje sequence:

The marina
comes to life.
Calm waters belie increased

twittering, flittering
around the boats,
among the rigging, playing

a breath
of wind, barely
a ripple disturbs the

wet with
overnight dew. Drying
sun beams down, set

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This Elfje Sequence has also been posted today on ‘Simply Elfje’ here.


Almost Human

The seal swimming in the marina
bobs up his head to gaze around,
looking almost human.

Torn Sail

In the marina, deceptively
warm and sunny, but in the estuary
the wind cold and blustery.
A sudden squall
heels us over alarmingly;
we limp home with a torn sail!

East Wind

The east wind blows cold.
Above the grey clouds billow,
below the rippling tide rolls in,
the boats rock in their marina berths,
no sea birds call;
all have fled inshore.

No Boat!

Arriving at the marina
in the depths of a cold and frosty night —
no boat! An empty birth!

Carrying our bags we embarked on a search,
fortunately found it not far away,
moved for dredging, we’d forgotten to check.
Climbing on board on an icy deck
in unsuitable shoes I don’t recommend,
slipping and sliding, but before long
safely aboard cosy and warm.


Two Moody 346 yachts,
side by side on the marina hard,
one called Sundance,
one called Raindance.

Pressure Washer

It may feel like a pressure washer
but after a long day sailing
through wind and showery rain
a long hot shower at the marina
is absolute bliss.

Still Waters

Blue velvet dome above,
the gentlest breeze and still waters.
Moored here in the marina
there is no sense of being afloat.

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