Jackson’s Coppice (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Reserve)
Bluer than the bluest seas,
spreading out beneath the trees,
in the copse where magic dwells;


This wonderful Nature Reserve is not very far from my home and is a sea of bluebells at this time of year. I have been hoping to visit for the last week or so but the weather hasn't been kind. I managed to go today just in time, I think, to catch the bluebells before they finish!

Betwixt and Between

Leap Year Day;
a day betwixt and between,
a day for magic to happen.

January Joy 17

White magic!
More snow overnight
brings delight.
But where is the sun
for added sparkle
and even greater joy?


Magic is the first taste
of ripe strawberries, and
magic is a child dancing
in a summer’s rain.

Quotation from ‘Elderberry Flute Song’ by Peter Blue Cloud

A Touch of Magic

With a touch of magic
a shaft of early morning sunlight
found the mundane sign
halfway up the lamp-post,
flashed a momentary blaze of glory
in iridescent blues and greens
then moved on.

Little Black Marks

“It still amazes me, that there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and they are just little black marks, usually against a white page. But if you put them in the right order you can create something in somebody’s mind thousands of miles away in absolute silence. And that does strike me as an act of magic.”

Simon Armitage, Poet.

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