Magic Box

Following on from my previous post about ‘Cargoes’ I thought you might like another challenge that the poetry group has had during lockdown.

A few months back one of our members shared the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright (find it via Google if you are unfamiliar with it) and challenged us to write our own version, listing what we would put in such a box. This could be in any form we liked; our own poem in whatever form, a simple list, a prose piece – whatever. I chose to contribute mine in poem form, loosely following the same form as the original although I allowed my version to overflow into an extra fifth line in each verse. Here it is (please note it is my copyright):

My Magic Box by Elizabeth Leaper
(after Kit Wright)

In my magic box I will put
the silent stillness of the heron at the waters edge,
the blue streak of the kingfisher along the river bank,
the babbling burble of a mountain stream
tumbling over the rocks beneath.

In my magic box I will put
the gentle cooing of the pigeons in the early morning,
the bright song of the robin in the cherry tree,
the sound of the wind through the woodland trees
that becomes the ocean when I close my eyes.

In my magic box I will put
the gossamer of a cobweb bedecked with pearls of dew,
the sweet smell of new mown hay on a summers day,
the velvet darkness of a moonless night
studded with diamond stars.

In my magic box I will put
the earthy fragrance of the ground after gentle rain,
the pristine white of undisturbed snow freshly fallen,
the joy of the first snowdrops as winter ebbs away
and spring is just around the corner.

My box is made from the horn of the last unicorn,
the lid is hinged with dragon claws
and straps made from rainbows wrap it round.
It is fastened with clasps hammered by the thunder god
from the finest gold.

I will hide my magic box away
and guard its secrets with wards and spells
until the earth is green once more and the sky is blue.
Then I will open its magic locks
and share its treasures with you.


Shopping Online

Shopping online is such a chore,
so hard to to find what you’re looking for.
Is that the right colour? You’re never sure.
So much better to go to a store
and see it before you buy it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I’ve been trying to buy some yarn online for my next crochet project. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is! Trying to find a site that has the colours I want in stock at a reasonable price and sensible delivery period is a major hurdle. I only need two colours but many of the sites I’ve looked at have one and not the other. Then you can never be sure that the colours displayed are really representative of the colours themselves – will it be what you expect when it finally arrives?

I have finally ordered some from Ebay (which I was hoping to avoid using). I much prefer to go to an actual shop and see what I’m buying but with yet another lockdown and doing my best to stay isolated this is not possible. It is supposed to be a lockdown project so it will just have to do when it arrives in about two weeks time – I’m itching to get started but I’ll just have to be patient.

Worth Commenting

Contrails glide across
a clear blue patch of sky —
a sight so rarely seen
all those long weeks of Lockdown
that now they are back again they seem
worth commenting on.


Easing the lockdown
brings its own anxieties.
Is now the right time?


As Lockdown eases
and more places open up
I can’t help wonder…

Parallel Lives

What do the birds know of lockdown,
or the bees of social distancing?
Flowers have no cares about gathering
in groups of more than two or three.
See them all rejoice in their
innocent parallel lives.

Site content copyright of Elizabeth Leaper (Libby).

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