Victims of drought,
fallen leaves lie on the ground.
Now those that are left
on the trees begin to turn
to autumn russets.


Patterns of perfect leaf shapes
stuck to the pavement
as if inlaid.
Natural art.


Seasons all awry;
if it wasn't for the leaves
that are beginning to turn
today could almost be Spring.


The season turns.
The first russet leaves,
encouraged by the wind,
make a bid for freedom.


The breeze sings its song
through the trees
while I strain my ears to hear
the tale it tells, that wins,
with a rustle of leaves,
a round of applause.

Diamante 2

Diamante poems are such fun here’s another one that I wrote after my recent visit to Jackson’s Coppice to see the bluebells. (See previous post)

ancient, sturdy,
breathing, living, being,
branches, limbs, leaves, flowers,
growing, spreading, blooming,
delicate, fragrant,

Late April

Much needed rain overnight
but today – so cold,
if it weren’t for the blossom
and new leaves on the trees
you might think autumn returned.


A day and a half spent weeding
the rhubarb patch
before the leaves get too big
to work around.
Back-breaking yet ultimately

Hair Cut

The cherry tree
has had a hair cut.

Now it looks as forlorn
as a newly shorn sheep.

But when the Spring comes
with its new leaves and blossom
the scars will be forgotten.

Winter Garden

In my winter garden
the last few leaves hang
like bats, from the cherry
and the ash trees.

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