January Joy 27

Colourful new jumper;
bright pink
to chase the blues away!

January Joy 25

Up, up and away;
daughter flying home today.
Joy that she came,
but sad now she’s gone.
Won’t see her again until May.

January Joy 24

Happy day;
family gathering,
hubbub of conversation and games,
catching up, sharing.

January Joy 23

Slowly unfurling,
white dots
on the lawn,

January Joy 22

This afternoon
a drive to the airport
to collect my daughter,
home for a flying visit.

January Joy 20

Sunlight shining through bare branches.
Caught in the beaming spotlight
early signs of Spring’s new growth.

January Joy 18

Searching for joy,
what can I see?
A bright breasted robin
in the bare cherry tree
flit down to the feeder,
grab just one seed,
then into the hedge
at remarkable speed.

January Joy 17

White magic!
More snow overnight
brings delight.
But where is the sun
for added sparkle
and even greater joy?

January Joy 16

Jack Frost has passed this way,
peppering the blades of grass
white, like an old man’s hair.

January Joy 14

To wake this morning
to a light dusting of snow;
icing on a cake.

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