Once more I’m off on my travels. While we are away we will be taking part in the Pedals de Clip classic road-race bike rally in Catalonia, Spain (for more information click here.) As so often Internet access will be variable so I will not be posting here for the next month. I should be back around mid-June. While I’m away I hope to get to grips with the e-book version of ‘Simply Elfje’ and, with luck, have it available on my return.



I shall be off-line again for the next seven days. On my return it is my intention to try to cut down the amount of time I spend on the Internet, so for the foreseeable future I will no longer be posting every day. I will endeavour to post on at least three days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I hope to still enjoy your visits.

Off Line

No stone today, just a note that I will be away until the end of the month and will not have internet access. I shall try to continue with the January challenge in my notebook and will post a selection of the stones on my return at the beginning of February. I shall miss you all. Happy Stoning!

Time Out

Just a note to let you know that I’m taking a short break as I will be away and possibly without Internet access for about a week. During my absence posts will still appear on my other blog ( and you are most welcome to visit, although any comments left may not be approved until my return.


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