Evening visitors;
bats flitting around the yard.
Where do they come from?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bats regularly flit around the back of our house in the evening but I have absolutely no idea where their home is!


Peacock butterfly
did you alight
inside my house
to rest for the night?
Now it is morning
you’re drawn to the light
with a ‘please let me out,
I want to take flight’.



The house looks bare,
the tinsel’s gone,
the baubles packed away,

no holly swags
now deck the halls,
no berries bright and gay.

Our feasting’s done,
just echoes now,
no carols left to sing,

but all around
I see the signs;
soon it will be Spring.

Beech Tree

The staunch old beech tree
grown too big, too near the house.
Sad to see it go.

Walking The Dog

Passing my house,
crossing the road
and on out of sight
glued to her mobile phone —
walking the dog.

Winter Woollies

By gum, the house is cold,
were we away so long?
We’re wearing winter woollies,
trying to get warm.
The sun is shining here and there,
through blue patches in the sky,
perhaps we’ll soon feel warm again;
at least the day is dry.


Just me in an empty house.
Family scattered like leaves in the wind.
A forlorn sun attempts to smile.


Inconvenient but necessary;
refurbishing our bedroom,
contents spread all over the house
and visitors arrive on Wednesday!
Is such disruption ever convenient?
I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.


Ice, like light snowfall,
on house roofs, cars and gardens;
Jack Frost passing through.


Sheltered near the house
grape-hyacinths and primroses begin to bloom.
I check the date!

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