Handful of hot days.
Now overcast and cloudy.
Typical summer.

Too Hot

Too hot to do the gardening,
too hot to do the housework,
too hot to go out cycling,
too hot to do a darned thing.
Nothing for it but to sit
and read a book!


A day for doing
administration, while the
sun burns hot outside.

Biff, Baff

Biff, baff,
It’s Wimbledon time again.
Exhausting to watch,
the weather’s so hot,
so far only one stop for rain.


the sun
on my skin,
draining all my energy.

Hot and Humid

Hot and humid
out on the bike
for a short, sharp ride
before the weather turns.

There and Back Again

It’s lovely to travel,
(so hot in Spain,
cooler in France)
but yes, it’s lovely
to be home again.

January Joy 21

A hot shower
on a cold, frosty morning.

Thick Coat

Hooray, I’m back. Sorry for my brief absence but I couldn’t access my blog admin for some unknown reason which seems now to have rectified itself. Here is the first of the missing posts:

Cold start, thick coat,
clouds clear, sun comes,
too hot.

Mizzle and Drizzle

Mizzle and drizzle,
not one thing nor t’other,
coat on to go to the shop.
But the rain it got lighter,
the day became brighter
and the coat became damnably hot!

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