There and Back Again

It’s lovely to travel,
(so hot in Spain,
cooler in France)
but yes, it’s lovely
to be home again.


Home from sunny Spain,
back to reality –
and rain!

January Joy 25

Up, up and away;
daughter flying home today.
Joy that she came,
but sad now she’s gone.
Won’t see her again until May.

January Joy 5

an oasis of calm
surrounded by protective trees
guarding my peace from traffic noise.

Loom as Home

My feelings exactly!

On the Boat

Arrived on the boat today
for a few days away,
knowing and fretting that back at home
my weaving isn’t progressing.

Not Time

Home again to find
all the wind-up clocks have stopped
but not time;
summer’s bloom now dulling,
autumnal airs creep up behind.


Early morning drop-off at the airport;
our son lands in Germany
before we reach home.

Driving Home

Driving home past fields
of lingering snow and frost-iced trees;
a Winter Wonderland.


Home again;
the grass has grown again,
the weeds are rife again,
I need to take control…

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