Rain Drops

Icy rain drops on my face;
do I detect a hint of sleet?
Shopping done, I scurry home.



and son
both at home.
Main topic of conversation?


Daughter home at last,
taking each day as it comes.
Life for now unsettled,
just like the weather!

There and Back Again

It’s lovely to travel,
(so hot in Spain,
cooler in France)
but yes, it’s lovely
to be home again.


Home from sunny Spain,
back to reality –
and rain!

January Joy 25

Up, up and away;
daughter flying home today.
Joy that she came,
but sad now she’s gone.
Won’t see her again until May.

January Joy 5

an oasis of calm
surrounded by protective trees
guarding my peace from traffic noise.

Loom as Home

My feelings exactly!

On the Boat

Arrived on the boat today
for a few days away,
knowing and fretting that back at home
my weaving isn’t progressing.

Not Time

Home again to find
all the wind-up clocks have stopped
but not time;
summer’s bloom now dulling,
autumnal airs creep up behind.

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