Noble Oak

The noble Oak
holds on to his russet leaves,
staving off the time
when Holly will take his crown.



The house looks bare,
the tinsel’s gone,
the baubles packed away,

no holly swags
now deck the halls,
no berries bright and gay.

Our feasting’s done,
just echoes now,
no carols left to sing,

but all around
I see the signs;
soon it will be Spring.


Red berry gobblers have stripped the holly
almost overnight!
I have salvaged the few bits they missed,
for Christmas.


Take down the holly and the tree,
put lights and tinsel back in store.
It’s time to end our revelry
till Yuletide circles round once more.

Seasons Greetings

Home made holly wreathFor the first time in ages I have made my own Christmas wreath this year. I always used to make them myself but in recent years there just hasn’t seemed to be enough time. However, they really are unnecessarily expensive to buy when my garden is full of holly, ivy, and fir trees as well as many other evergreens, so it seems rather silly to spend the money. It really didn’t take me very long to do despite bleeding all over it from holly scratches, so I thought I would share the result with you. I have also made a few other ‘natural’ decorations and hope to find time to post pictures on my ‘Words on Weaving’ blog in the next day or two.

I am taking a short break as usual over Christmas but before I go I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Christmas and hope you enjoy your winter celebrations in whatever form they take. I will, of course, be back to welcome in the New Year – see you then!

Winter Birds

Holly with berry
Hungry winter birds
feasting on nature’s bounty:
red holly berries.


is King.
Night and day
in balance. Scales soon

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This Elfje also appears today on my ‘Simply Elfje’ blog.

I am now taking a short break for the Festive Season and will be back in the New Year. Season Greetings to all my readers and best wishes for a wonderful 2016.

Boughs of Holly

Cutting boughs of holly
loaded with berries;
plenty to share with the birds
this year.

Red and Green

Two elderly ladies
arm each other down the road.
One wears red and one wears green,
as winter-bright as a sprig of holly.

Fairy’s Wing

Holly Leaf Skeleton
The skeleton of a holly leaf;
as delicate, fine and filigree
as a fairy’s wing.

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