I am taking a short break from today as I will be away for up to a couple of weeks and may not have easy access to an Internet connection during that time. Normal service should resume by the second week in June. Posts will appear as usual over on my Simply Elfje blog if you care to check it out.


Stocking Up

Book swap
at the charity shop,
stocking up
for my holiday.

A Story in 100 Words #3

Holiday Romance

“Mum, can I have an ice-cream, please? I’ve got enough money,” Michael looked up.
“O.K but be quick,” she replied, “we leave for the airport soon.”

About to lick the large cornet he had just paid for he caught sight of Celeste, the pretty girl he had played with on the beach all week. They didn’t speak the same language but had managed somehow to understand each other.

Impulsively he ran towards her. “Michael,” Celeste smiled brightly, obviously pleased to see him.

Suddenly he kissed her on the cheek and handed her his cornet. “Goodbye” he said sadly, turning away.

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