Late Flush

The recent rains have brought
a late flush of summer green.
Parched earth replenished.
Mother Nature self-restores.


January Joy 26

Finding joy
when it is raining again;
it’s the rain that makes this
such a green and pleasant land.


A wilderness of summer green
provides a screen between
the house, the tamed garden
and the main road,
traffic heard but not seen.

Green Shoots

Green shoots
appear along bare branches;
noticeable at last.

Threads of Gold

Weaving her threads of gold
amongst the green,
Autumn peeps shyly round
the lustrous skirts of Summer.

Shades of Green

Shades of green begin
to cover the bare branches;
trees dress for springtime.


turns to snow;
pleasant change.
Green grass turns white.
It won’t stay long though —
ground too wet below.


In-between seasons;
green leaves jaded, no sign yet
of autumn’s bright hues.

Summer Days

How quickly summer days
retreat to memory.
While still the earth wears green,
no leaves yet turned,
the heavens mourn its passing
with frantic tears.

The First

The first to show her autumn gold,
the sycamore now takes the lead
in showing springtime green.

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