Roadside Daffodils

Roadside daffodils
deliberately snapped and scattered.
I gather them, fill my vases, so I at least
can enjoy their fleeting beauty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We have some wonderful grassy areas on the corner of our road, in front of our house. At the moment these are full of daffodils. But some low-life yobs seem to take great pleasure in breaking off the flower heads, some just buds, and scattering them. I can’t bear to see them lying on the ground unable to fulfil their potential so I pick them up and put them in vases. Fortunately there are still plenty growing, but everyday more have been scattered.


After the rain
sunshine again,
the ground freshly washed,
the grass sparkling green.

January Joy 16

Jack Frost has passed this way,
peppering the blades of grass
white, like an old man’s hair.

Golden Carpet

A golden carpet;
leaves covering the green grass,
hiding it from view.

Newly Green

How lush and newly green,
how fast the grass grows
when you go away for a few days
and so much rain falls.


Sunshine and showers,
lush green grass,
multi-coloured flowers,
beautiful spring.


Stray cat seeking scraps,
treading warily across
rain-soaked spring grass.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My apologies that there was no ‘small stone’ yesterday. I simply did not have time to write anything. It is likely that my posts will be a little erratic over the next month or so as my tapestry exhibition approaches. I will do my best to post a new stone whenever I can until normal service can be resumed. Hopefully ‘Simply Elfje’ will not be effected and, if you wish, you can read about my progress towards the exhibition on my weaving blog at


turns to snow;
pleasant change.
Green grass turns white.
It won’t stay long though —
ground too wet below.

Long Shadows

In bright sunlight
long shadows are cast,
creating stripes of tarnishing
across the golden carpet of leaves
that covers the grass.


Home again;
the grass has grown again,
the weeds are rife again,
I need to take control…

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