Years Fly

Jelly and ice-cream!
My grandson’s fifth birthday.
How the years fly by.


Graduation Day,
Nursery class of 2015,
concert and leaver’s party.
Off to school in September;
grandson growing up.

Play Day

my grandson came to play;
no tiime for my computer!

Busy Boy

Busy boy,
sailing on Grandpa’s boat,
playing pirates,
fishing for crabs;
to tired to eat dinner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We are down on our boat for a few days. Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson are with us, taking him sailing for the first time during this warm and sunny spell of weather.



Tiny Tom, my grandson, came to play,
running round the garden having fun
in the sun.
the sky is grey.

Spark Out

Spark out on the sofa,
no energy to play today,
my poor little grandson
sleeps the day away.


“Cat!” my grandson points, begins to run.
She turns and runs away.
I wonder why she doesn’t seem
to want to play today?


Grandson Tom has come to play,
his Nursery is flooded out today!

On Ice

Looking after my grandson yesterday;
such a delight and pleasure
despite the accident on the way
sliding on ice in atrocious weather!

Instruction Error

There’s an error in the instructions
but I’ve finally worked it out.
Now I can finish knitting
the jumper for my grandson.

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