The Mickleover Trail

Mickleover Trail Route Map

Mickleover Trail Route

The Mickleover Trail is a short cycling and walking route, just 6.5 miles long that runs between the pretty little village of Etwall and the outskirts of Derby. As it is not too far from our home we decided to cycle this short trail on my birthday last week. We had celebrated with a small family gathering the previous weekend as my eldest son and family would be away on the actual day and so I had my presents early. My husband gave me a GoPro video camera and receiving it a few days early meant that I had time to sort out how it worked and could play with it on our ride along the Mickleover Trail.

We parked at the local Leisure Centre and had short ride along the road until we picked up the trail. The route was an easy ride, being mostly flat or only gently rising and descending. It consisted mainly of well compacted gravel with some tarmac sections, especially where it went through open parkland. There was also a nature reserve on the route and several places where we had to negotiate gates, which needed opening and closing, and a few places where there was just a narrow gap, just about wide enough for a bike but which prevented motor vehicle access. Once or twice the there was a short road section before picking up the trail again.

Once again for us this was an out and back route and since the Leisure Centre wasn’t quite at the start of the ride we went on past our first access point to complete the trail which brought us out on a major road from where we had to negotiate our way back to the car. In all we did just over 13 miles. On the way out along the trail we had noticed a BMX track beside the route near the park, so on the way back, seeing no young people on the track my husband decided to have a go himself – slowly! I filmed it but not really being prepared for such a video clip I wasn’t standing in the best position and lost sight of him for a fair bit of the course. I refrained from having a go myself, but in hindsight wish I had done as I could have filmed as I went.

A gate on the trail

One of the gates

The day had started cool but quite sunny and it soon became fairly overcast and rather chilly but it did not rain. We saw several other people on the trail, walkers, dog, walkers, parents with babies in pushchairs and a few other cyclists but these were few and far between and the trail was by no means crowded. Fortunately we had dressed expecting it to be cool so all in all it was a pleasant ride. A got some good footage on my GoPro, which I was well impressed with. The downside is that I didn’t actually take any photos of the ride so until I have learnt how to edit my footage and extract stills from it I have nothing to share. The above map of the route comes from our Sustrans book about the cycling trails in the UK and the photo of the trail is courtesy of Google Images.

By the time you read this I shall be off on holiday for a couple of weeks. We are taking our Motorhome down to the West Country with the aim of riding some more of the trails detailed in our book and which are too far away for a simple day ride – I shall be taking my GoPro and we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll find time to get to grips with editing the footage so I can share videos with you but this time I’ll be sure to take photos on my camera as well. At least is will give me plenty to write about after my leave of absence.



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