Golden buttercups,
shining like miniature suns;
bright spots in my lawn.


Sycamore Tree – Septolet

Always first —
Sycamore tree
splashed russet
and golden.

South facing
sunburned leaves
welcome change.

Golden Carpet

A golden carpet;
leaves covering the green grass,
hiding it from view.


golden fairy chandeliers;
the laburnum keeps its promise.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is a follow on from ‘Promise of Gold’ which you can read here.


Golden leaves clinging to the silver birches
like coins on a gypsy costume,
are always among the last to let go.

Long Shadows

In bright sunlight
long shadows are cast,
creating stripes of tarnishing
across the golden carpet of leaves
that covers the grass.


Everywhere I look now
the trees are nearly bare.
Like so much dross, Autumn
has chosen to fling aside
her golden bling.


Golden leaves like frisbees
hit the window panes,
hurled with gay abandon
by strong winds and driving rain.

Indian Summer

Indian Summer day.
The sun glints golden
on the newly turned leaves.
The garden beckons.

Noontime Sun

Facing the noontime sun
the same patch on the sycamore
is always the first to turn golden
when the season turns to autumn.

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