and red,
beautiful little birds
come to the feeders;

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Slowly changing day by day
Summer greenness fades away,
replaced by Autumn russet, gold;
beauty glorious to behold.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I hate this new WordPress Editor! One of the joys of the old WordPress was that anyone could use it – alas no more. I struggled to remember how I managed to get it to function in the classic way last time. Will I remember next time?

Between Showers

Between showers
the air holds its breath.
Already the silver birch
is tinged with gold.

Promise of Gold

Sugar-plum fairy crab-apple
blossoms begin to fade.
But look at the laburnum branches,
tipped with promise of gold.

Threads of Gold

Weaving her threads of gold
amongst the green,
Autumn peeps shyly round
the lustrous skirts of Summer.


Rainbow-hued in indigo,
turquoise, amber, gold and ruby,
through the trees the morning sun magically
bejewels the mundane road sign.

Autumn Gold

Some trees reluctantly
relinquish summer greenery,
others embrace willingly
a new wardrobe
of autumn gold.

First Signs

First signs of green leaves
turning to gold, russet, brown;
Autumn gathers pace.

The First

The first to show her autumn gold,
the sycamore now takes the lead
in showing springtime green.

Gold Leaf

Still in full leaf the sycamore
has been painted gold
with here and there a tinge of green
where the paintbrush missed.

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