Too Hot

Too hot to do the gardening,
too hot to do the housework,
too hot to go out cycling,
too hot to do a darned thing.
Nothing for it but to sit
and read a book!

Second Chance

Potting on tomato seedlings,
even the runt I was going to discard.
Everything deserves a second chance.

No Time

Busy day,
making the most of the weather;
washing, cycling, gardening.
No time for computing!

Gardening Quote

“Gardening requires a lot of water —
most of it in the form of perspiration.”

Lou Erickson, critic and poet

In Shorts

Gardening in shorts
was perhaps
not the best idea.

Legs now scratched
by brambles
in the ‘wilderness’ corner!


There’ll be no more gardening today,
heavy rainfall is causing delay.
Though it’s good for the soil
it’s not good for toil.
So frustrating! What more can I say.


I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, clearing weeds and planting out bedding plants for summer colour, and I haven’t finished yet, I still have plants waiting to go in. I took the day off yesterday so I could have a rest, rain was forecast and also I had a commitment in the afternoon. It didn’t rain. I had hoped to continue my planting today – but now it rains!



Pricking out seedlings,
hoping they will grow on;

Ah Me! – #2

(This should have been posted yesterday but I ran out of time!)

Ah me! It didn’t rain
and soon the sun came shining through
but by then it chanced that I
had something else to do.
Nothing lost that can’t be changed,
the day slipped into yesterday
and sun and I together spent
gardening today.

Ah Me! — A Whimsy

I mourn the sun
for it has gone,
cloud covers all again.
I’d wished to get
some gardening done
but it looks like to rain.
I’ve seeds to sew
and plants to plant,
weeds to pull as well.
Will I get it done today?
Ah me! — I cannot tell.


The birds and I rejoice to see the Spring.
Their winter scratching
has loosened the lawn moss.
I rake it off today.

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