Winter’s Grip

Winter’s grip;
cold, still and frosty.
Magpie swoops low
over the hedge.



I draw back the curtains,
look out in dismay
at another cold, frosty,
dull and dismal day.

January Joy 21

A hot shower
on a cold, frosty morning.

Joyous January

Happy New Year to all my readers. This month I am going to take part in WOWH’s (Writing our way home’s) Joyous January. The intention is to write each day about one thing that brings you joy. As I don’t normally post everyday it will be a bit of a challenge – I may resort to two or three things on my normal posting days!

Day one: A crisp, clear, frosty morning to great the New Year (especially after all the rain we’ve had lately!)


Cold and crisp and frosty.
Church bells calling the faithful
drowned by the raucous siren
of an ambulance.

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