I hear them first, the geese,
their loud conversation.
I watch them flying overhead
in arrow formation.
Whatever it is they shout about
lost in translation.

Flying 2

Fly in,
fly out.
It seems so long
since her brief visit!


Fly in
for fleeting visit,
fly out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Our daughter flew in from Spain on Wednesday last week, spent a day with us then went on to the Isle of Man for the weekend to compete in the UK National MTB Marathon Championships where she came 2nd (silver medal) in appalling weather. We picked her up from the ferry on Monday and she spent yesterday with us again before we dropped her off at Birmingham airport to fly back to Spain this afternoon. A short and sweet visit, but wonderful to see her as it is the first and only time this year! Her next race is the World Championships in Italy next month.


January Joy 25

Up, up and away;
daughter flying home today.
Joy that she came,
but sad now she’s gone.
Won’t see her again until May.

From Above

This Elfje is the first of the ‘stones’ written whilst I was away. It will also appear today at Simply Elfje:

to Spain,
from above clouds
look just like arctic

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