Roadside Daffodils

Roadside daffodils
deliberately snapped and scattered.
I gather them, fill my vases, so I at least
can enjoy their fleeting beauty.

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We have some wonderful grassy areas on the corner of our road, in front of our house. At the moment these are full of daffodils. But some low-life yobs seem to take great pleasure in breaking off the flower heads, some just buds, and scattering them. I can’t bear to see them lying on the ground unable to fulfil their potential so I pick them up and put them in vases. Fortunately there are still plenty growing, but everyday more have been scattered.


Busy bumblebee,
foraging around the flowers,
filling his panniers with pollen.

Green Fingers

I love a tidy garden.
Mine always looks a mess;
I haven’t got green fingers
nor take the time I guess.
Oh, the plants are thriving
but so are all the weeds,
can’t bring myself to pull them up
until they’ve spread their seeds.
Their flowers are so pretty
I leave them all too long
and next year twice as many
will round my garden throng!


Spring’s lush growth
has overtaken my garden;
weeds among the flowers.


Plants growing taller
flowers blooming, despite
changeable weather.


Sunshine and showers,
lush green grass,
multi-coloured flowers,
beautiful spring.


Blue forget-me-nots
self-set in the rockery.
My happy surprise.


A mass of crocus blooms,
rainbow-hued, push through the lawn,
encircling the tree
like a multi-gemmed tiara.


scattered across the lawn
like gold-dust.

A Question of Time

Why do other people’s gardens
always look better than mine?
With flowers in bloom whatever the season,
they’re dug over and weeded, planted and pruned.
I have to admit there’s a simple reason —
it comes down to a question of time.

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