First post in place
for the new garden fence.
It doesn’t take the pigeons long
to find a new perch!


Mid December

Mid December;
bleak sky, chill in the air
and on the rosebush by the fence
two pink rosebuds.


Pale green and lemon
stars of lichen
form on the wrought-iron fence.

Plenty More

Where the ash tree stood.

Here once stood
the old ash tree,
just behind the fence.
We still have plenty more
as you can no doubt see.


Beyond the fence
an unseen dog barks,
asking to be let in.


a pair
of doves
on the fence,
and cooing.

A Day Without Sun

A day without sun.
Daffodils along the fence
nodding joylessly.


Caught on the rough edge of the fence panel,
the grey and white feather writhes
in the wind like a giant caterpillar
weaving its chrysalis.

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