Red Pyracantha berries;
a feast for the pigeons.
Plenty there for now
but how long will they last?



Tree full of cherries
stripped bare while I was away —
birds opportune feast!

Winter Birds

Holly with berry
Hungry winter birds
feasting on nature’s bounty:
red holly berries.


Robin Redbreast watches and waits
while I fill the feeders,
then flits in for a feast —
the first to come for breakfast.


Holly berriesRed berries everywhere
begin to disappear
as birds enjoy a feast
at the end of the year.

Summer Blush

Cherries forming on the tree
begin to show their summer blush.
Soon the birds will feast.


While I was away the birds
almost emptied the feeders,
so I refill them
and watch them feast once more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We have been down to our boat for a few days, to prepare it for the winter. We had hoped to take the sails off and bring them home for laundering but with gale force winds we didn’t dare risk unfurling them so they will have to stay there until the New Year now. In our absence the birds have obviously decided they need the supplementary feed I offer!

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