falls steadily.
Birds line up along the fence
waiting for the feeders
to be filled. Oblivious.



Today the day just can’t decide
what it wants to do.
Cloud, drizzle, wind or sun?
Checking all the options!

What a Day

What a day —
non-stop drizzle, dank and grey.
How am I
supposed to get the washing dry?


What can I say?
Rain and drizzle,
drizzle and rain.
Dismal day.


No sun.
Melancholy drizzle seeps
from grey shroud overhead.
The day sighs.


Gentle drizzle falls.
Cloud covered leaden sky mourns
the loss of summer.

Mizzle and Drizzle

Mizzle and drizzle,
not one thing nor t’other,
coat on to go to the shop.
But the rain it got lighter,
the day became brighter
and the coat became damnably hot!


The sun withdraws her favours
once again. A dismal day
and rain drizzles steadily down
on the parched ground, gently
dampening, soaking in,
life-giving, nurturing,
far more effective than I am
with my feeble watering-can.

Morning Mist

Early morning mist,
depressing damp drizzle, changing
the face of Autumn.


Clouds obscure the sun,
like tears the drizzle tumbles
down the face of day.

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