In my dream the snows have come,
dancing lightly, like fairies,
on the leaves of the holly.

In Spain

I’m not in Spain
visiting my daughter, but
sitting in the sunshine
in my garden
I can close my eyes…
and dream.

January Joy 12

Raining again,
but at my Spanish class
I dream I am in Spain
in the sun.

Birthday Card

I dream I am writing
a birthday card.
Whose have I forgotten?

Spider’s Web

Spider's Web
Spider weave your web,
watch and dream; let raindrops thread
it with diamonds.


Wimbledon Dream

Summer at last,
tennis on grass,
strawberries and cream,
Wimbledon dream!

Fading Dream

Last night it snowed, unseen,
soft and silent,
like a dream.
Morning light, snow turns to rain.
By tonight it will be gone,
just as silent,
fading dream.

Brief Moment

Translucent, iridescent sapphire dart
seen for one brief moment,
ephemeral as a dream;


Too hot to sleep
I toss and turn,
dozing and dreaming,
waiting for dawn.

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