Making Time

Very busy day.
I make time to sit outside
soaking up sunshine.


A lovely warm spring day.
I’m off outside
without my coat today!

At Last

At last a day
that’s dry and still.
The sun attempts
a watery smile.


I draw back the curtains,
look out in dismay
at another cold, frosty,
dull and dismal day.

Betwixt and Between

Leap Year Day;
a day betwixt and between,
a day for magic to happen.

Cherry Tree

The trunk of the cherry tree
steams in the morning sunlight
after a day of rain
and a night of frost.


Morning meditation;
unwelcome thoughts intrude,
jolt me back into the day.

January Joy 24

Happy day;
family gathering,
hubbub of conversation and games,
catching up, sharing.

January Joy 13

So far a fine day,
patches of blue sky
and a hazy sun
to lift my spirits.

January Joy Day 2

Joyful January Image

Birds flitting back and forth to the feeders
bring joy on yet another grim, damp day.

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