fade away.
Crocus bloom brightly.
Daffodils prepare to shine,


Drab winter slowly yields.
Snowdrops fade, crocus come and go,
all around new growth erupts
and over all the daffodil
trumpets in triumph.


A mass of crocus blooms,
rainbow-hued, push through the lawn,
encircling the tree
like a multi-gemmed tiara.

Passing Time

Snowdrop and crocus,
springtime blooms.
Daffodil and tulip
follow soon.
Nature’s clock ticks,
bright colours chime
as the season shifts
with passing time.


Yellow crucus among the purple
A lone yellow crocus
among the purple and blue;
a splash of sunshine.


St David’s Day

No daffodils for St. David’s Day
but a circle of multi-coloured crocus blooms
has suddenly burst through the lawn
to announce the coming of Spring.

Blue and Yellow

At last
crocus flowers are poking through the grass,
palest blue and yellow like the sun.
Winter may not yet be dead
but see — with silent whispers
Springtime has begun.

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