Mask Free

First mask free day.
Maybe a quarter of folk
still covered - including me!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

It is now no longer mandatory in England to wear a face covering, despite the still high daily COVID infection rate. Actually yesterday was first mask free day but other than going for a bike ride, when masks were not necessary anyway, I didn’t go out among people. Whilst I acknowledge we need to learn to live with this disease I feel that it is still too early to go maskless. I am happy to walk along the road without a mask, avoiding close contact, but I prefer to put it on to enter shops, and I also use the sanitizer. However, mask wearing is still ‘recommended’ in crowded places and some major stores are still insisting on masks, but many are allowing customers to please themselves.

Out shopping today my local shops still have signs up but do not enforce it, leaving the choice to the customer. It seems that I, although not entirely alone, am in the minority! I wonder how many of my co-mask-wearers will be intimidated into doing without soon, not wishing to go against the idea that if the majority think its okay it must be okay – this is easily done, even I felt that I stood out like a sore thumb and that maskless people looked at me as if I was an idiot. How much worse will it be when there are even fewer of us wearing them?



Looks like Christmas is scuppered;
family gone down with the plague,
though with luck they may just have recovered
in time to give us a reprieve!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our eldest son tested positive for COVID on Monday, having apparently picked it up at work. He and our grandson had spent Saturday afternoon with us so we were contacted as being ‘close-contacts’ with a positive case. Today our daughter-in-law has also tested positive and our grandson is showing signs. The earliest they will be given the all clear is Christmas Eve so everything is up in the air. Being fully vaccinated we don’t have to isolate (though our youngest son, who lives with us, does) but we have to do a Lateral Flow Test every day for 10 days since first contact and take reasonable precautions – so far so good!

COVID Christmas

Christmas Drinks

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Absent Friends Triolet

Let’s raise a glass to absent friends this Christmas,
send love to all the folk that we hold dear.
Because we know they cannot come to see us
let’s raise a glass to absent friends this Christmas.
This COVID thing was never on our wish list
but we won’t let it spoil our Christmas cheer,
we’ll drink a toast to absent friends this Christmas
and do it all again in the New Year.

Copyright: Elizabeth Leaper 2020


I will be taking my usual Christmas break from today until the January so I would like to take this opportunity of wishing all my readers a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for a much brighter 2021. I hope to see you here again in the New Year.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping spree;
such a problem when COVID
has shut all the shops.

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