Bright Berries (Triolet)

Bright berries on Cotoneaster
speak of harvest time to come.
Others soon will follow after
bright berries on Cotoneaster,
in shortened days they redden faster,
ripened by late summer sun.
Bright berries on Cotoneaster
speak that harvest time has come.


Busy Bees

Bees busily buzzing
around the Cotoneaster blossom;
contentedly murmuring the promise
of honey filled hives.

Early December

A blackbird on the Cotoneaster.
It’s early December
and so few ruby berries left.

Red Splashes

Bold red splashes of Azalea blossom
push through the Cotoneaster hedge
making a statement among
the drizzle of late ruby berries.

Laced With Frost

Frost covered cotoneasterStill covered with a glut of berries,
the cotoneaster is laced with frost
like a lady’s veil threaded with rubies.

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