Survival Mode

Up before times
to water the garden
before the day heats up.
Doors and windows wide open,
letting in the early morning cool
before closing up again,
drawing the curtains and blinds
against the heat - 
survival mode.


Sitting outside as the day cools down
watching the bats flit by
I wonder where they have come from
and where they call home.

October, November

rolls on
day by day
towards cool, dark, bleak


Today started cool
and overcast
with promise of rain
in the forecast.
Possibly anywhere,
maybe not everywhere,
still some uncertainty.
Now the sun comes
and all hopes fast fade,
along with the shade.
Rain somewhere today,
but not here.

There and Back Again

It’s lovely to travel,
(so hot in Spain,
cooler in France)
but yes, it’s lovely
to be home again.


After a cool, misty start,
a glorious spring day.
The magnolia rejoices.


De-frosting the freezer
is a chore that has to be done.
I do it today while it is cool
and windy and there is no sun.

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