Colour returning;
spring flowers and tree blossom.
Bird song rejoicing.

Bright Spots

bright spots
of Autumn colour
liven up the garden.

Summer Colour

Another rainy day
and yet the summer colour
seems somehow richer,
more intense,


Preparing wool for dyeing
ready for weaving,
resulting colour wondering;

Instant Colour

Searching for instant colour
for the new border
I buy some chrysanthemums
reduced for a quick sale.

Distant Memory

Bright red tulips unfold;
a joyous splash of colour
driving dull, drab winter days
into distant memory.

Heather Beds

Heather beds
in shades of lilacs, purples, reds,
bring colour to the town’s
central round-a-bout.

Down on the Boat…

I look up at a forest of silver-grey masts
silhouetted against the blanketing dark-grey clouds
and contemplate a world without colour.

Brush Strokes

Loose brush strokes of cerulean blue
wash the dull canvas of the sky
with welcome colour.

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