Leaving the grocery store
without a coat I'm caught
in a sudden downpour.
I make a dash for the car.

No Coat Needed

coat needed;
warm and sunny,
mild spring-like day.


Despite the sunshine
chill wind blows round the corner.
I pull my coat tight.


A lovely warm spring day.
I’m off outside
without my coat today!


Today is cooler than expected.
I go out without a coat,
tell myself;
walk briskly, stay in the sun.
Clouds float by, teasing –
oh no you won’t!


No coat.
Today I went out


David's EclipseA cold spring morning
sitting in the garden,
wearing coat and gloves,
watching the moon pass over the sun
through double thickness black glass.




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Photo taken on Orkney by my cousin David. I failed to get any although we had a good view)


Thick Coat

Hooray, I’m back. Sorry for my brief absence but I couldn’t access my blog admin for some unknown reason which seems now to have rectified itself. Here is the first of the missing posts:

Cold start, thick coat,
clouds clear, sun comes,
too hot.

Mizzle and Drizzle

Mizzle and drizzle,
not one thing nor t’other,
coat on to go to the shop.
But the rain it got lighter,
the day became brighter
and the coat became damnably hot!

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