Sleepless night,
restless mind whirling,
I listen to the hall clock
chiming the hours away
until morning.


During the night
the clock stopped.
It took until mid-day
for me to miss its tick!

Passing Time

Snowdrop and crocus,
springtime blooms.
Daffodil and tulip
follow soon.
Nature’s clock ticks,
bright colours chime
as the season shifts
with passing time.

Winding Up

Winding up the clock;
restocking all its ticks and
tocks before it stops.


Racing against the clock,
so much I want to do.
If only my body worked
as fast as my brain!


I use the clock as a metronome
as I play the tune.
It’s much too slow but it forces me
to listen to every note.


The satisfying ‘plop’ of the air-lock
marks the fermentation of the home-made wine,
the clock tick-tocks and outside I hear
the whine and hum of traffic;
comforting in the silence.

Sounds of Silence

There is no such thing as silence –
the clock ticks, the fridge gurgles,
the traffic passes, the doves coo
and somewhere there is always a fly buzzing!

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