January Joy 4

My furry friend,
Chloe, my cuddlesome cat.


Chloe’s injured tail
keeps her indoors for a week,
going stir crazy!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have been away for a couple of weeks. During that time my cat Chloe somehow managed to sustain a ‘pull’ injury to her tail. My daughter-in-law, who was looking after her, took her to the vet who prescribed painkillers and a week indoors. She has one more day of pain killers to go but seems a lot better and I have now let her out!

The good news is that WordPress seems to have sorted itself out in my absence and I now have access to my notifications again. However, is it my eyes or has the print got smaller?


Poor Chloe

Poor Chloe, my cat, is off her food
and has a gurgling tummy.
All she wants is time asleep
and lots of cuddles from mummy.


from a weekend away;
my cat Chloe comes running, purring.
What a greeting!


My cat Chloe sits on the shed roof
warily watching Whiskers the stray
eating her leftovers.
She won’t come down
until he’s gone.

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