Between Storms

between storms.
Bright and sunny.
Chill in the air.

Summer Ends

Summer ends,
an autumnal chill is in the air.
We stack the log shed
for winter warmth.

Chill Wind

Mild and sunny,
a chill wind blows.


Despite the sunshine
chill wind blows round the corner.
I pull my coat tight.

Chill Wind

Magnolia buds
unfurl into the chill wind.
Winter’s dying breath.


Chill in the air today,
though the sun shines
and it’s still a bit mild,
it’s getting colder day by day.


Autumn chill is here.
The trees and I change our clothes,
pack Summer away.

Without the Sun

Without the sun
blossom loses lustre,
without the sun
songbirds sound less trill,
without the sun
the world seems melancholy,
a spring day without sun
is touched with winter’s chill.

Confusing Messages

Intermittent bursts
of sun and shadow, warmth and chill,
sending confusing messages
the early signs of Spring
choose to ignore.


January chill.
Local market day, I buy
an extra jumper.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I seem to have got out of sequence with my holiday stones. This one should have been posted before ‘A Good Day’ which appeared on 28th January!

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