Holiday Haiku 2

Cherry Trees in blossom

Beside the water
cherry trees shed their blossom.
Dreams drift downriver.



A few days away
and cherry blossom gone,
but look — cherries form.

I refill
the bird feeders.
Rare visitor flies in.

The Sun

The sun turns her face
behind grey clouds and weeps
to see the daffodils fade away.

White cherry blossom pom-poms
waving in the breeze call
her back to smile again.


Sparrow flutters in the tree,
cherry blossom petals
float down like feathers.

Wet and Windy

Wet and windy weather.
Cherry blossoms cling
to swaying branches.
Petals shaken free
fall like springtime snow.

April Breezes

April breezes blow.
How soon the cherry blossom fades,
the petals swirl and fall
upon the ground like snow.


Against a backcloth of white cherry blossom,
buds appear on the crab-apple tree
like clusters of bright red beads adorning
a modest maiden’s ball gown.


Cherry blossom petals
floating in the bird bath
like little pink fishes.

Bridal Bouquets

Clusters of cherry blossom
like spring bridal bouquets
glow with virgin purity
against the azur sky.

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