Golden Carpet

A golden carpet;
leaves covering the green grass,
hiding it from view.


On the lawn dewdrops
glisten in the morning sun;
a sparkling crystal-studded carpet.

Making Way

Moving furniture,
making way for new carpet;
Spring refurbishment.

Long Shadows

In bright sunlight
long shadows are cast,
creating stripes of tarnishing
across the golden carpet of leaves
that covers the grass.


The cat sleeps
where the sunlight streaks
the carpet with bands of gold
and warms her fur.

Hollow Shell

The new room is empty, bare,
a hollow shell where sounds resound.
This afternoon they come
to put the carpet down.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m still having problems posting comments on certain blogs; Blogspot works some of the time, Blogger not at all, but I do still visit. Here’s hoping the problem will be fixed soon!


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The green leaves of summer
begin to turn to autumn’s red and gold.
Strong winds shake the trees
causing some to lose their hold
and scatter on the grass beneath —
a carpet glorious to behold.

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