Leaving the grocery store
without a coat I'm caught
in a sudden downpour.
I make a dash for the car.


For more than twenty-four hours,
unknown car parked on the grass
outside our house;


Female blackbird by the roadside,
hit by a car perhaps, bloodied and dead.
Are there un-incubated eggs nearby
or maybe hatchlings left unfed?


Driving my new car;
so many buttons and switches.
What do they all do?

Hard Top

Winter’s on the way —
hard top went back on
my car today!

Home Alone

It’s late evening, I am home alone
and something
keeps setting off the car alarm.


Silently creeping overnight
Winter returned with snow
and everywhere is white,
except for where, along the road
car tracks straight as tramlines show
as black as night.


Helplessly I watch as bird and car collide.
In a fluster of falling feathers the pigeon flies away.
Amazingly, as far as I could see
there was no other sign of injury.

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