A breeze breaks up the stillness,
the atmosphere is heavy and grey,
the late morning sun has vanished again
and rain is on the way.



After a grey start
Summer shows her face, blown in
on a cool, fresh breeze.


Hiatus in time.
Wondering which way to turn,
leaves blow in the breeze.

Blue Skies

Blue skies and birdsong,
red tulips drinking sunshine,
wind chimes on the breeze.


Inside, wood-burning stove alight
dispelling Autumn’s chill.
Outside a redolent fragrance;
wood-smoke on the breeze.

Summer Heat

Summer heat
beats down, tempered
by a cooling breeze.


The curving sails
gently cradle
the breeze that blows
our boat along.

Gentle Waves

Sailing in Spain

Gentle waves
lap the shore.
Breeze fills sails, boat

Gentle waves
lap the shore.
Dog swims to fetch

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While in Spain we visited Cambrils where our dauaghter and her partner keep their Hobbycat. We spent the day playing with the boat and thowing sticks for the dog. It was too cold to swim!

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Summer still lingers
on the breeze, but subtle hints
tell of coming change.

Moulting Bird

Magnolia Petal
The breeze strengthens.
Magnolia blossoms tremble.
Petals shake free and fall
like feathers from a moulting bird.

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