Winter Trees

“A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches.
Having thus prepared their buds against a sure winter
the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold.”

This quotation is from ‘Winter Trees’ by William Carlos Williams

Lined Up

Pigeons lined up
along the branches,
waiting for me
to fill the feeders.

Early Afternoon

Early afternoon
and half a moon peeps out
between the branches of the ash tree.

White Lines

White lines drawn along
branches, snow thick on the ground;
winter comes at last.


Copper, bronze and golden coins
cling to the branches
of the silver birches
pretending to be autumn leaves.


Two branches,
two pigeons seated —
one above the other.


Side by side on a branch
two pigeons sit like statues.
The wind blows, the branch sways
yet still they sit, defiant.

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Dangling and dripping from twigs and branches
raindrops sparkle like diamonds —
Nature’s tasteful touch of glamour
on an otherwise dismal day.

Candy Floss

I awake to the sight of pink candy-floss clouds
drifting up behind the barren branches
of the silver birches, looking good enough to eat.

Leaving a Trail

Twelfth Night
swept away in a gale,
leaving behind a trail
of twigs and branches.

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