Tai Chi

Relearning Tai Chi.
No class to go to now, so
book and video.

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Some years ago I went to a Tai Chi class and loved it, but the class folded and I couldn't find another local class that taught the same style. I promised myself to continue to practise on my own but the good intentions eventually faded away. Now I am trying to relearn the short form from a book and Youtube video - It is gradually coming back to me, slowly! Maybe I'll still search for another class once I've got to grips with the basics again.

Too Hot

Too hot to do the gardening,
too hot to do the housework,
too hot to go out cycling,
too hot to do a darned thing.
Nothing for it but to sit
and read a book!


All is forgiven,
no more frustration,
my book has arrived!


It’s cold outside; my inclination
is to curl up with a book
in front of the fire
in hibernation.


out in the garden,
bright sunlight dazzling
the creamy-white pages of my book.
I step inside,

Quote For Today

“Whosoever would understand the book of nature
must walk its pages with his feet.”



The Thirsty Flowers cover
proof copy
in my hands.
‘The Thirsty Flowers’ becomes

January Joy 3

Yet more rain but:
I have a warm fire to sit beside
and a good book to read.
What more do I need?

Second Time

Have I read this book before?
I don’t remember, start to read.
Yes, it seems to be familiar,
but now I have to carry on;
I find I’m gripped a second time.


A quotation:

“To understand the book of nature,
you must wander through its pages
on your own two feet.”


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