Diamante 2

Diamante poems are such fun here’s another one that I wrote after my recent visit to Jackson’s Coppice to see the bluebells. (See previous post)

ancient, sturdy,
breathing, living, being,
branches, limbs, leaves, flowers,
growing, spreading, blooming,
delicate, fragrant,


Jackson’s Coppice (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Reserve)
Bluer than the bluest seas,
spreading out beneath the trees,
in the copse where magic dwells;


This wonderful Nature Reserve is not very far from my home and is a sea of bluebells at this time of year. I have been hoping to visit for the last week or so but the weather hasn't been kind. I managed to go today just in time, I think, to catch the bluebells before they finish!

May Day

purple lilac,
delicate forget-me-nots
and bright red azaleas;
just some of the garden colour
greeting this dull May Day.


The daffodils are fading now,
their trumpeting less clear.
A haze of bluebells nod their heads
to ring a peal so sweet and pure
that only faery folk can hear.


Church bells call the faithful
while in the garden glade
silent bluebells listen
while the wind-chimes sing.


BluebellsDown in my Dingly Dell
the daffodils are done,
but to each its season;
Look — the bluebells have begun.

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