grape hyacinths
joyfully point skywards,
unbowed by the constant


Blue Lake

The field of linseed in full bloom
glimpsed through a gate
looked like a beautiful blue lake,
inviting me to paddle.

January Joy 28

Patch of blue;
an ocean of dreams
in a grey sky.


Blue forget-me-nots
self-set in the rockery.
My happy surprise.

Mottled Sky

A mottled sky in shades of blue
and white and pale grey,
where now and then
a hidden sun
comes shyly peeping through.

Watercolour Wash

Blue watercolour wash sky
and here and there a wisp
or two of cloud, as if
the paint-brush had missed.


Yellow crucus among the purple
A lone yellow crocus
among the purple and blue;
a splash of sunshine.


It started with such promise;
clear blue sky and sunshine.
But now it’s grey and overcast.
How long will it stay fine?

Blue Sky

Shy patches of blue sky
peep out round the edges
of the comforting blanket of clouds.


In my absence summer has arrived
with red, white and blue bunting –
preparations for the Queen’s Jubilee.

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