Magnificent Magnolia,
buds slowly developing
over several weeks,
suddenly bursts into bloom.


Almost in full bloom,
magnificent magnolia blossom,
flamboyant and full of promise,
a beacon of light in dark times.

Second Bloom



Springtime azaleas
flowering in Autumn;
second bloom.



Christmas Cactus
At once both delicate and bold,
my Christmas Cactus blooms early,
impatient to display her beauty.


Sheltered near the house
grape-hyacinths and primroses begin to bloom.
I check the date!

A Question of Time

Why do other people’s gardens
always look better than mine?
With flowers in bloom whatever the season,
they’re dug over and weeded, planted and pruned.
I have to admit there’s a simple reason —
it comes down to a question of time.

Memory 2

Rose-bay Willow-herb
blooms beside the road.
I used to gather it by the barrow-load
to feed the goats.


Radiant as the midday sun,
vibrant as the sunset,
in yellows and reds the lilies bloom
despite the sunless wind and wet.


Honeysuckle does its best
to bloom without encouragement
from an absent sun.

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