ground covering
blanket fell overnight,
creating a winter wonderland.

Apart from a brief flurry before Christmas, that didn’t settle as the ground was too wet and soon returned to rain, this is the first snow we have had this winter. I’m so glad to see it, such a necessary part of winter. Already some has melted in the weak sunshine but we may get some more later today or again overnight.



at last,
lying stretched like
a pauper’s worn, old


Sea, a grey blanket,
wavelets lapping on the shore,
my eyes gaze and gaze.

Cosy Blanket

Snow-covered car

Wrapped in a cosy blanket of snow
my little car is not going anywhere.
All her usual outings cancelled,
she stays tucked up in bed.

Blue Sky

Shy patches of blue sky
peep out round the edges
of the comforting blanket of clouds.

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