no leaf
unturned, searching for
any grubs hiding below.


While the day decides
what weather it will bring
I listen to the song
a blackbird sings.


At the feeders a sparrow and bluetit,
on the tree stump close by a robin sits,
low in the cherry tree a blackbird watches
and on the fence two pigeons wait,
queueing up for breakfast.


When I fill
the bird feeders anew
robin and blackbird
are first in the queue.

Early December

A blackbird on the Cotoneaster.
It’s early December
and so few ruby berries left.


Busy in the shrubbery
a blackbird turns the leaves;
breakfast foraging.

One by One

One by one
a blackbird picks and swallows
the bright red honeysuckle berries.

Another Dull Day

Another dull grey day.
On the lawn Mr. Blackbird teaches
his almost full-grown chick
to eat cherries.

Moss 2

A gloomy day of greys and greens.
Mrs. Blackbird gathers moss
to line her nest.

Mr. & Mrs.

Mister and Missus
Blackbird squabble over a
windfall crab-apple.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This post was scheduled yesterday, today I am off-line, but I’ll be back!

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