Late honeysuckle
blossoms fade away amongst
the bright red berries.


Red Splashes

Bold red splashes of Azalea blossom
push through the Cotoneaster hedge
making a statement among
the drizzle of late ruby berries.

Laced With Frost

Frost covered cotoneasterStill covered with a glut of berries,
the cotoneaster is laced with frost
like a lady’s veil threaded with rubies.

Christmas Baubles

Ruby red hawthorn
berries in the hedges glow
like Christmas baubles.


Bird feeders refreshed
but no birds feed.
With Nature’s bountiful berries
perhaps there is yet no need.


Red as Remembrance Day poppies,
the pyracantha is ablaze with berries;
first offspring of the one gathered,
sown and nurtured
a few short years ago.

One by One

Among the prickly holly leaves
blackbird, chaffinch and blue-tit
pick off the berries one by one.


A robin sings his heart out in the holly,
his breast a coppery orange
beside the full ripe redness of the berries.

Last Stand

Summer makes a last stand,
bees visit the late blossoms
and a butterfly lazily flits past the holly,
where the berries slowly deepen
from orange into vibrant red.

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