White Feathers

A few white feathers on the lawn;
messages of hope or signs of battle lost?
Today I take the pessimistic view.

February Fill-Dyke

Winter and Spring still battle it out
and February Fill-Dyke does its work
with greater enthusiasm than is truly needed,
to the detriment of many.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Much of the UK is still troubled with flooding and the rain continues to fall.

Battle of the Seasons

Cold and wet — dry and sunny,
back and forth — push and shove,
Winter and Spring — arms akimbo.
Who will win?


the Battle of the Somme.
Britain and France together,

Battle Lines

Battle lines drawn —
cold frost, warm sun, collide.
I shop online.

Chased Away

Sky clouded over
once more, sunshine chased away.
The seasons battle.


Grey clouds and blue skies
battle it out to decide
who will rule the day.

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